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Part Numbers TouchPro PCAP (clear with anti-friction) - E666042
TouchPro PCAP (anti-glare) - E665859
Infrared (clear with anti-friction) - E666224
Colore Black
Tecnologia Touch & caratteristiche PCAP (TouchPro® Projected Capacitive) - 40 Touch with Palm Rejection and Touch Thru capability
Infrared - 20 Touch
Diagonale 50'' diagonal, Active matrix TFT LCD (LED
Rapporto di aspetto 16:9
Risoluzione 4K 3840 x 2160 @ 60Hz
Angolo di visione Horizontal: ±89° or 178° total / Vertical: ±89° or 178° total
Numero di Colori 8-bit + FRC (1.07 billion)
Luminosità LCD Panel: 500 nits
PCAP: 430 nits
IR: 450 nits
Tempo di risposta 9.5 msec
Contrasto 4000:1
I/O Ports HDMI 2.0 x2
USB-C (for Touch and video)
RJ45 (for optional OSD remote)
DisplayPort 1.4
3.5mm TRS jack (for RS232/MDC)
3.5mm Audio Headphones out
Elo Edge Connect Micro USB 2.0 x4
OSD Let’s Get Started: Language Selection, Time Setting, Time Zone
Video Source Select: HDMI-1, HDMI-2, DisplayPort, USB-C, Internal-PC DP, Internal-PC HDMI
Video Settings: Video Port Discovery, Brightness, Contrast, Black Level, Sharpness and Aspect Ratio can be selected
Color Settings: Color Temperature, Color Sensor, User Preset (for color), Picture Modes and HDMI Full Range are available in this menu.
Audio Settings: Audio Input, Audio Output, Mute, Volume selection are available here.
Power: Power Loss Behavior, Power Lock, Energy Saving Mode, Power Status Light options are available here
Time: Time Set, On/Off Schedule
OSD Settings: Recall Defaults, OSD Timer, OSD Language, OSD Lock and OSD Portrait Rotation, Touch Switch, Tabletop
Information: Monitor, Temperature, Help and Support are available here

See user manual for full details.
Input Video Frequency Input Video Horizontal Sync frequency range: FHD: 30 – 135 KHz
Input Video Vertical Sync (frame rate) frequency range: 24 - 64 Hz
Audio Ports 3.5 mm TRS jack
Audio Input Signal Range 1Vrms max stereo signal (standard PC line out)
Headphone Output Connector 3.5 mm TRS jack
Speakers 2 x 8W
Power Input connector (power): IEC 60320-C13
Input signal specifications (power): 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Consumo tipico Monitor + AC/DC adapter:
ON: 99W
OFF: 0.28W

Monitor with ECMG4 + AC/DC adapter:
ON: 116W
Dimensioni TouchPro PCAP: 1162.1 mm x 682.7 mm x 62.0 mm
IR: 1162.1 mm x 682.7 mm x 71.8 mm
Dimensioni Imballo 1310 mm x 187 mm x 940 mm
Peso (netto) TouchPro PCAP:
With ECMG4: 27.86 Kg
Without ECMG4: 25.76 Kg

With ECMG4: 27.95 Kg
Without ECMG4: 25.85 Kg
Peso (imballo) TouchPro PCAP:
Without ECMG4: 31.68 Kg

Without ECMG4: 32.25 Kg
Temperatura operativa Portrait/Landscape Mode: 0°C to 40°C
Table top Mode and with Intel OPS modules: 0° C to 35° C
Temperatura di stoccaggio -20°C to 60°C
Umidità Operativa: 20% to 80%
Stoccaggio: 10% to 95% (38.7°C max wet bulb temperature)
Sealability Touchscreen sealed to bezel; Touchscreen sealed to LCD
MTBF 50000 ore dimostrate
Altre caratteristiche Ambient Light Sensor - changes panel color to match ambient light, Auto Wake
Opzioni di montagggio VESA mount 400 x 400
Garanzia 3 anni
Regulatory approvals and declarations UL 62368-1
cUL, IC (Canada)
CB (International safety) (IEC/EN60950-1+IEC/EN62368-1)
CE (Europe)
VCCI (Japan)
RCM (Australia)
CCC, China RoHS (China) (for TouchPro version only)
EAC (Russia)
NOM (Mexico)
IK07 and UL60950 for ball drop test
Periferiche Opzionali Temperature Sensor Pro – Elo P/N: E534879
3D Camera - Elo P/N: E134699
Webcam - Elo P/N: E201494
2D Barcode Scanner (SE4720) – Elo P/N: E384627
2D Barcode Scanner (SE4107) – Elo P/N: E245047
Magnetic Stripe Reader – Elo P/N: E001002
NFC/RFID Reader – Elo P/N: E001004
EMV Cradle for Ingenico ICMP - Elo P/N: E200788
EMV Cradle for Verifone E355 - Elo P/N: E201363
EMV Cradle for MagTek eDynamo - Elo P/N: E375343
EMV Cradle for Ingenico RP457c (with Audio Jack, BT and USB) - Elo P/N: E586981
EMV Cradle for Ingenico RP457c (with BT and USB) - Elo P/N: E710930
Fingerprint Scanner – Elo P/N: E134286
Stand for IDS 03 Series - Elo P/N: E722153
Wired OSD Remote - Elo P/N: E483757
Wall Mount Kit - Elo P/N: E721949
Replacement Cable Kit - Elo P/N: E060080
Passive Stylus - Elo P/N: E727568
Active PCAP Stylus - Elo P/N: E216215
Replacement Cable Kit - Elo P/N: E141067
Webcam - Elo P/N: E277819
i5-7500 ECMG4 with No OS - Elo P/N: E227895
i5-7500 ECMG4 with Win10 (LTSC) - Elo P/N: E228087
i5-7500 ECMG4 with Win10 (SAC) - Elo P/N: E725044
i5-7500 ECMG4 with Win10 (LTSC) with DisplayNote Montage Software - Elo P/N: E898841
i5-7500 ECMG4 with Win10 (SAC) with DisplayNote Montage & Launcher Software & Qwizdom Whiteboard Software - Elo P/N: E405488
Elo Conference Camera - Elo P/N: E277819
Huddle Kit - Elo P/N: E380925
Status Light (Micro-USB Connectivity) - Elo P/N: E644767
Elo Backpack® 4 (Value Model)- Elo P/N: E393754
Elo Backpack® 4 (Standard Model) - Elo P/N: E393359
RFID - Elo P/N: E673037
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Touchmonitor 50" 4K Digital Signage - 5053L
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